The suggested treatment in any individual patient will vary depending on the region injured, the relevant history and examination findings, as well as the abnormalities discovered on relevant imaging. If available, we will incorporate any prior imaging to arrive at a diagnosis.

Invariably we will perform an ultrasound to further evaluate the problem, and if necessary, refer for further imaging.

At independent sports imaging, we have spent years perfecting our skills in this area and are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal / sports injuries, both acute and of long-standing.

Once the exact diagnosis has been discovered a therapy plan will be discussed. This will clearly alter individual to individual.
This may involve rehabilitation only or may involve a combination of rehabilitation, together with a recommendation of one of the treatments as listed on the drop-down list.

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Dr Berman is a dual specialist – Musculoskeletal Radiologist and Vein Specialist (Phlebologist)
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