Elbow Conditions & Injuries

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis Elbow or ‘lateral epicondylitis’ represents an overuse injury of tendon attachment to the outer aspect of the elbow. More specifically this occurs at the common extensor tendon attachment to the lateral epicondyle. This condition has a wide variety of causes, including activities of daily living. This can present as an acute pain or as a grumbling background discomfort. Sometimes with associated weakness in grip strength (e.g. picking up a cup). The cause is degeneration of the tendon with microscopic tears, ultimately requiring tennis elbow treatment. Often associated larger tears are present. Usually there is no inflammatory component.

Golfers Elbow Treatment

Golfers Elbow or ‘medial epicondylitis. Similar to Tennis elbow but involves the inner aspect of the arm, requiring an ultrasound and subsequent treatment for the golfers elbow.

Biceps Tendon Insertional Tendinosis and Tears

Usually caused by repetitive strain and overuse, occasionally due to an acute injury. Usually patients present with pain at the front (anterior) aspect of the elbow. Lifting generally exacerbates the symptoms.

Nerve entrapments

Including, radial, median and ulnar nerve including their branches. Especially the posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) which can present with pain similar to that experienced in Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

Ligament injuries

Including radial and ulnar collateral, lateral ulnar collateral ligament (LUCL) and annular ligament.

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